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Essential Factors to Consider in Choosing Fabric Filters


A fabric filter is a device that cleans the air by removing particles out of air or gas. Therefore, the device acts as an air pollution control device. It is mainly used in commercial processes to clean the gas or air released. The following are the companies that heavily rely on the fabric filter, these include steel mills, power plants, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical producers, chemical producers, as well as other industrial companies.


The bags use the following mechanism to American Fabric Filter out air. These include inertial collection, interception, Brownian movement, as well as electrostatic force. The inertial collection occurs when the dust particles strike the fibers placed vertically to the flow direction. On the other hand, interception takes into account the movement of particles that do not cross the fluid streamlines. Electrostatic forces occur when the electrostatic charge on the particles thereby increasing dust capture.


The following are the main factors that one needs to pay attention to when choosing a fabric filter. First and foremost, it is important to pay attention to the temperature. The inlet temperature leading to the fabric filter plays a vital role in the whole system. For instance, one may have a baghouse whose bags are capable of withstanding high temperature at the inlet unit or even operate a unit where the temperature is not an issue, in such a case, their choice will be quite different from the people who operate fabric filter with temperature systems that fluctuate. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGFIbKhLuLo about filter.


In addition, one needs to consider the functionality of the gas stream. The two main examples of fabric filters that are designed for distinct purposes include polyester and Teflon. For instance, when one has a system with a highly active chemical gas stream, then Teflon may be suitable for the system since it is fit for such an environment, as it can withstand chemical reactions. One also needs to select the fabric filters depending on the characteristic of the filtered air. It is vital to consider the working temperature and the real temperature technical requirement in the filter bag choosing, Failure to do this can lead to damage to the system.


The other essential consideration in choosing a fabric filter is the humidity of the gas.  The bag collectors operate best when the relative humidity is between thirty percent to eighty percent, however, when the humidity is greater than the limit set, and the temperatures are more than one hundred and thirty degrees Celsius  the chemical contained in the system will cause condensation., Therefore one needs to pay attention to both temperature and humidity. Get more info here!